Top 20 in 2021

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今日はBest 20の発表です。
1st) Kings of Leon "When You See Yourself"
2nd) Rise Against "Nowhere Generation"
3rd) CHVRCHES "Screen Violence"
4th) A Day To Remember "You're Welcome"
5th) Escape the Fate "Chemical Warfare"
6th) Halsey "If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power"
7th) nothing,nowhere. "Trauma Factory"
8th) Architects "For Those That Wish To Exist"
9th) Pale Waves "Who Am I?"
10th) Coldplay "Music Of The Spheres"
12th) girl in red "if i could make it go quiet"
13th) While She Sleeps "SLEEPS SOCIETY"
14th) The Offspring "Let The Bad Times Roll"
15th) The Killers "Pressure Machine"
16th) MOD SUN "Internet Killed The Rockstar"
17th) ERRA "ERRA"
18th) Foo Fighters "Medicine At Midnight"
19th) SG Lewis "times"
20th) Chevelle "NIRATIAS"
12/31(金) COUNT DOWN DJ Event
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